Welcome to Bel Air UMC

We are happy to welcome you to our Fall in-person worship services. It will be held at 9:15am in the Sanctuary, 10:15am in McComas Hall and a New 11am Service in the Sanctuary each Sunday. There are certain precautions that need to be taken in order to keep everyone safe. We ask that you read the guidelines and agree to follow them.


Please sign-up for the in-person Worship in the sanctuary by clicking here: http://bit.ly/BAUMCSunday9-15amWorship or
sign-up for the in-person service in McComas Hall by clicking here: https://bit.ly/BAUMCSunday10-15Worship  or
sign-up for the New Worship Service at 11 am in the Sanctuary by clicking here:  http://bit.ly/BAUMCSunday11amWorship
or text Worship to 410-210-4363 then choose which service you will be attending.


Pass It On / Financial Ministry – 410-838-0235 

Volunteers will be available on Monday mornings from 9 am to 12 noon.
Voicemail messages are responded to on Monday mornings and e-mails are checked on a regular basis.

Upcoming Events

September 12, 2021 – 9:15 am Service

September 12, 2021 – 10:30 am Service

Sermon By Phone 410-800-4472

We are happy to announce that we now have a way for those of our congregation who are not electronically-connected to hear Sunday sermons. “Sermon By Phone” allows people to call in and hear the scripture reading and sermon. The information will be updated on a weekly basis.
We have sent the information out to those individuals we are aware of by mail. If you know of someone who could benefit from this, please pass along the information.

Pass It On Ministry

Financial Assistance

Prayer Request

Neighbors In Need

Family Food Distribution Saturdays, September 18 at 9 am - 11:30 am - NO FAMILY FOOD DISTRIBUTION IN OCTOBER

Special thank you to Kristen Brought for her singing and to Lee Butler for his creativity and production on the videos.