Local Church Ministries

Chancel Choir

Chancel Choir

Praises the Lord with song at the 9:15 am sanctuary service. Singing is a lot of fun, a great opportunity to make some wonderful friends, and a great opportunity to praise the LORD!

Chancel Choir rehearsal are on Wednesdays from 7:30 pm – 8:30 is in room 103. (September – mid June)

Dave Tramontana   tramontanat(at)baumc.com


Youth Choir

Youth Choir

Showcases 6th -12th grade youth musical participation in worship services. Youth Choir rehearses on Sundays at 4 pm – 6 pm in the Choir Room 103.  Grades 6 – 12 are invited.  In addition to rehearsal, dinner will be provided.  (September – May)

For details, contact Kristen Brought at kwbrought(at)yahoo.com.

Children’s Choir

Children’s Choir

Showcases children’s musical participation in worship services.  Children’s Choir rehearse on Sundays at 10:30 am in the Community Room.  4 yr olds through 5th graders are invited.  (September – May)

For details, contact Rev. Deb Lampton     lamptond(at)baumc.com

Sine Nomine Bell Ringers

Sine Nomine Bell Ringers

Amy Adkins     amyrileyadkins(at)gmail.com

Faith Under Fire

Faith Under Fire

Altar Guild

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild prepares and maintains the sanctuary and its furnishings as required, facilitating appropriate and joyful worship of God; recruits acolytes

How to serve: Prepare the sanctuary for worship each week on a rotating schedule; prepare the sanctuary for Christmas and Easter celebrations; train acolytes; guide acolytes on Sunday morning.  For details, contact Kathy Frawley at  ka.frawley1(at)gmail.com.


Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Graders!! You can serve God as an Acolyte. Short commitment, long benefits!  For details, contact Kathy Frawley at  ka.frawley1(at)gmail.com.


Provides food services for church events, Confirmation classes, funerals, special events, etc.

How to serve: Set tables, wash dishes, help with food preparation, serve guests, bake desserts for events, etc.  For more details, contact Alice Archer at aaarcher@comcast.net.

Welcome and Information Center

Offers a friendly smile and greeting from the desk each Sunday, meets the needs of newcomers and members, answers the phone and contacts the appropriate staff for emergencies

How to serve: Volunteer on a rotating basis to serve at the desk or be a rover.  For more info, please e-mail info@baumc.com.

Sunday Morning Fellowship

Provides refreshments for a casual gathering of worshipers before and after Sunday services

How to serve: Assist with setting up, serving and cleaning up. For more detail, please contact Alice Archer at aaarcher@comcast.net.

Office Volunteer

Answers phones, greets people, helps with general office work. Hours needed is 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.

For more detail, please contact Debbie Atteberry at atteberryd(at)baumc.com

Pew Racks

Neatens and restocks the pew racks with envelopes, prayer request cards and specialty envelopes

For more detail, please e-mail info@baumc.com

Hospital Visitation

For more detail, please e-mail info@baumc.com

Shepherd Ministry

Serves as Christian friends to members of God’s family by caring for one another; assists people who are experiencing crisis as well as individuals who are challenged with chronic or serious illness; serves senior citizens by being a friend through notes, phone calls and visits

How to serve: Participate in a training program designed to provide background, purpose and necessary details for starting and continuing one’s role as a Shepherd.

For more detail, please e-mail Dave Parker at dcparker2017@gmail.com

Parish Nurse

For more detail, please e-mail Barb Sedlak at bls1975@hotmail.com.

Hospital Visitation

For more detail, please e-mail info@baumc.com.

Prayer Chain

Prays for people who provide prayer requests to the church and at Sunday worship services

How to serve: Join the email prayer chain (prayerchain@baumc.com)

Wednesday Night Prayer Team

Meets and prays weekly for the spiritual health of BAUMC, its leaders, ministries and programs, as well as the people who are on the prayer chain.

College Box Ministry

Sends a care package and prayer to each of our college students twice a year prior to finals

How to serve: Donate snacks; purchase gift cards; assist with various administrative needs in the weeks leading up to package preparation; assemble care packages

For more detail, please e-mail Susan Hudson at hudson545@comcast.net or Angela Robertson at angelarobertson@comcast.net.