Danielle Mallon

Director of Children Christian Center

I’m thrilled to be joining CCC.  Being part of CCC allows me to combine my passion for working with children and my faith, creating a meaningful and enriching environment for the young ones!  I graduated from HCC with an Early Childhood Education degree then continued my studies and graduated from Towson University.  I’m happily married with two lovely children.  My family and I share a deep love for Disney World and often choose it as our vacation destination.  When we are not exploring the magical world of Disney, you can find us actively engaged in various sports and activities.  Whether it’s spending time at the ice rink, attending swim meets, cheering on my daughter’s field hockey games or enjoying a game of softball, we relish every moment of these athletic pursuits together. Our family’s passion for both Disney and sports brings us closer and creates lasting memories.  I’m excited about the opportunity to witness the growth of your children as they navigate the years ahead.  I am here to support you and your family every step of the way, as we celebrate their milestones and accomplishments together at CCC.