Setting One Table

To set one, eight-person table, you will need:

9 plates (one for the matzos)
8 wine glasses
8 glasses/bowls for the water to wash hands
8 glasses/bowls for salt water
9 napkins (one is for wrapping the matzos)
8 spoons
1 wine carafe
8 hard cooked eggs, peeled
1 bunch fresh parsley
1 two-cup recipe (eight servings) of charoseth
1/2 cup (eight servings) of horseradish
3 matzos (wrapped in a napkin placed on a plate)
1 candle (kosher is preferred)
1 book of matches/lighter

The Head of your table (Head of your family)

For the head place setting you will need these additional items:

1 plate
1 wine glass (a special one)
1 chair (a special one)
1 lamb shank bone