Our Values

Core Values

Aspirational Values


  • Community
    Caring about and addressing the needs of others inside and outside the church

  • Evangelism
    Sharing the good news about Jesus Christ with others
  • Preaching & Teaching Grounded in Scripture
    The scriptures are honored as God’s revelation and the primary resource for helping people grow in their knowledge of and relationship with God.
  • Giving
    Generous giving that supports and enables the ministries of the church to grow
  • Strong Families
    Valuing the health of family units and equipping them to maintain healthy relationships and helping them to raise children who become disciples
  • Well Mobilized Lay Ministry
    People know their spiritual gifts and use them in ministry
  • Prayer
    Members engage in personal, corporate, intercessory prayer regularly
  • Cultural Relevance
    Communicating the gospel in a way that all people can understand it
  • Godly Servant Leadership
    Leaders who are surrendered and who humbly focus on others
  • Team Minsitry
    People value each other’s gifts and work together for the greater purpose of the ministry
  • Encouragement
    Giving hope to people who need hope
  • Initiative
    The willingness to take the first step or make the first move in a ministry
  • Authentic Worship
    Centers on glorifying God and giving ultimate worth to God
  • Fellowship
    Members have a sense of belonging and feel loved by one another