Mt Carmel Chapel of Bel Air UMC

Mt. Carmel Chapel does not have a postal address.  Use 2234 Old Emmorton Rd, Bel Air MD on GPS or map application to find the location of the chapel.  
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Our Mission

Mt. Carmel Chapel of Bel Air United Methodist Church is a community of people seeking to faithfully live as followers of Jesus Christ.

Our Goal

Our heart’s desire is to share God’s great love for every person through our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.

 Worship Service

Christmas Eve 6 pm & 8 pm



Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the United Methodists? The United Methodist Church had its start in the reform movement of John Wesley in the late 1700’s in England.  The “People Called Methodist” sought to deepen their relationship with God and neighbor through living by three simple rules:  doing no harm, doing good, and staying in love with God.  We continue to live by these rules.

How big is the church? Mt. Carmel Chapel has a core group of worshippers of about 30.  Others join with us regularly as their work schedules, family obligations, and other commitments permit.  Some seek out our gentle, loving community when they need support during challenging times of life such as bereavement, divorce, or job loss.

What are its affiliations? Mt. Carmel Chapel is an intimate congregation within the larger congregation of Bel Air United Methodist Church (BAUMC) which regularly has over 500 in worship each week. What time is your Sunday worship service?  Our Christmas Eve services take place at 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

Who goes to your church? We are a multi-cultural congregation who range in age from toddlers to seniors.

What are your ministries? The worshipers at Mt. Carmel Chapel participate regularly in the many missions and ministries of the main BAUMC campus, but also have a special interest in homeless, prison, and grief ministries as well as national and international missions. Part of our outreach into the community comes through our special services. 

What do you offer for children? Although we do not have a formal children’s program, we always welcome children.  The sounds of little ones are the sounds of life to us!

Do I have to belong to your denomination to attend? We welcome all persons – both those who know Jesus and those who are just curious about him. Do you have to dress up to attend your worship service? Mt. Carmel Chapel accepts all people where they are and how they are – no special clothes required!

What kind of things do you do in your worship service? We sing, pray, hear the Bible read, explained, and applied to life.  Each week, those who wish to share have an opportunity to lift up joys, struggles, and concerns.

Can a visitor take communion? United Methodists have an ‘open’ communion table which means that everyone who wishes to receive communion are welcome – this includes children as well as visitors.  We gather around the altar rail (you may stand or kneel) and receive communion by dipping the bread into the cup.  We do not want anyone to be left out – therefore the cup is non-alcoholic and gluten-free wafers are available.

What kind of adult education or spiritual growth opportunities do you offer? Throughout the year, we offer short-term studies for adults either during the week or before the worship service.

What kind of outreach is the church involved in? We regularly support the local homeless shelter through gifts such as gloves and mittens (in winter), bottled water (in summer), fundraising (in spring), and preparing and serving lunch and dinner on ‘our’ night (August 27 each year).  We also have members who volunteer at the local detention center and who participate in monthly food distributions (at the main campus).  Other members are involved in church-building in Russia, the Susquehanna Habitat for Humanity, and mission trips to various locations in the U.S.