Welcome One Emergency Shelter

What Is It? Bel Air United Methodist Church is a Founder Church for the Welcome One Emergency Shelter.  This 90-day emergency housing resource operated by Faith Communities and Civic Agencies United, Inc. is a faith-based shelter that addresses the physical and spiritual needs of those without homes.  The shelter is located in Riverside.

What Do We Do? The twenty-seventh of each month is Bel Air United Methodist’s day to serve.  We make and serve dinner, make bagged lunches for the following day, and provide breakfast on the following morning.  Volunteers also serve as evening and overnight hosts – to visit with residents or to help with any issues or concerns that occur during the night.  We also give grace over the evening meal and pray for the residents and staff at the shelter. Our congregation gives $2,000 per year for the operation of the shelter.  We also provide $40 each month towards the paper products, cleaning products, and hygiene supplies needed by the residents.

How Can You Help? Volunteers are always welcomed!  If you can cook, clean, pack lunches, stay up all night (or doze lightly in a chair), or pray, we want you on the Team!   Cooks donate and prepare food for about 35 to 4o guests, staff, and volunteers.  Dinner starts at 6:00 pm.  After dinner, the cooks clean up kitchen area.  The cost is about $100.00; however, some funds are available to assist those who do not have the financial resources to purchase the food. Hosts – the evening and overnight assistants – work in two shifts.  The Evening Hosts come in at 5:00 pm and stay until 12:00 midnight.  They will help serve food to the residents.  The host will also get anything from the kitchen that a guest may need. After dinner they can sit and talk or play games with the residents.  The Overnight Hosts begin at 12:00 midnight and stay until 8:00 am the next morning.  These persons help with any issues that may happen overnight. You may bring a book to read or rest on the sofa for the night.  The Overnight Hosts help with breakfast between 6:00 and 7:00 am.  This includes heating up a prepared dish in the oven or putting out a cold breakfast. You may also be asked to make coffee. Contact Libby Horn at shutter_bug_us@yahoo.com for more information or to volunteer. Our financial commitment to Welcome One comes solely through donations.  You may make a financial gift by clicking