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God is My Anchor (Acts 27:27-38)

Rev. Byron E. Brought, July 23, 2017
Part of the Staying the Course Sermon Series series, preached at a 9:20 am Sunday Morning service

Acts 27 is a wonderfully exciting passage. It tells of Paul's shipwreck at sea off the coast of Malta. What could have been a great nautical disaster was not thanks to the loving power of God who delivered the 276 people on board the ship. I'll be sharing part of this story on Sunday as part of my four-week sermon series, Stay the Course.

Join us for the series, and immerse yourself in these wonderfully exciting Bible adventures


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Acts 27:27-38

27But when the fourteenth night was come, as we were driven up and down in Adria, about midnight the shipmen deemed that they drew near to some country; 28And sounded, and found it twenty fathoms: and when they had gone a little further, they sounded again, and found it fifteen fathoms. 29Then fearing lest we should have fallen upon rocks, they cast four anchors out of the stern, and wished for the day. 30And as the shipmen were about to flee out of the ship, when they had let down the boat into the sea, under colour as though they would have cast anchors out of the foreship, 31Paul said to the centurion and to the soldiers, Except these abide in the ship, ye cannot be saved. 32Then the soldiers cut off the ropes of the boat, and let her fall off. 33And while the day was coming on, Paul besought them all to take meat, saying, This day is the fourteenth day that ye have tarried and continued fasting, having taken nothing. 34Wherefore I pray you to take some meat: for this is for your health: for there shall not an hair fall from the head of any of you. 35And when he had thus spoken, he took bread, and gave thanks to God in presence of them all: and when he had broken it, he began to eat. 36Then were they all of good cheer, and they also took some meat. 37And we were in all in the ship two hundred threescore and sixteen souls. 38And when they had eaten enough, they lightened the ship, and cast out the wheat into the sea. (KJV)