How to Join Bel Air UMC

Three Steps to Membership   At Bel Air UMC, our commitment to you begins on the day of your first visit.   We aspire to help you grow in discipleship, and to be there for you in the joys and sorrows of life.  Membership is about your commitment.  It is where you confirm your faith in Christ, and your partnership in the mission and ministry of our church.  If you would like to become a member, the steps to membership are easy and can be completed in any order.  We’ve outlined them below so you can decide what your next step will be.

  1. Contact the church office.  We’ll set up an informal meeting with a staff member or volunteer mentor who can help you get an overview of the mission and ministries of our church.  You may want some help in deciding where and how you would like to participate. 
  2. Get connected. Join a Home Group, an adult class, or an ongoing ministry in our church that puts you in fellowship with other members.  We believe the church is made of people, growing and serving together to reflect Christ’s love in the world.
  3. Come to our Membership Class. You’ll get an overview of what it means to be called United Methodist, and how you can continue to grow and serve at Bel Air UMC according to your unique, God-given design.  You’ll also make some new friends!  To participate in our next membership class,please complete the registration form.

Your Reception into Membership. We receive and celebrate our new members during worship on a Sunday morning following your final membership session.  This is when you reaffirm your baptism and make a public commitment to the fellowship and the mission of Bel Air United Methodist Church.  For questions about Membership, contact Lisa Wolf.