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We are excited to invite you and your 8th grade (or above) student to participate in Confirmation this year at Bel Air United Methodist Church. Confirmation in the United Methodist Church provides students the opportunity to reflect on the fundamental tenants of our faith in an environment that allows them to ask questions and even wrestle with divine truths and mysteries proclaimed by the Church of Jesus Christ and our denomination. Confirmation helps students clarify what it means to become a fully devoted follower of Christ, and affords them an opportunity to make their first independent and public profession of faith. We believe Confirmation is a significant step in the journey of faith. Confirmation is more than just attendance in class.  Confirmation is about worship, class participation, youth group and service.

Starting in September, youth participating in the confirmation class for 2018-2019, are expected to attend a worship service each week and be involved in at least one of the following ministries of the church: youth group (every Sunday 6-8pm), Youth Band and/or Youth Choir. For information about youth band or choir see Amy Adkins or Kristen Brought ( or

Confirmation Classes meet as a part of youth group on Sunday evenings, 6-8pm. Confirmation is a continuous and building experience; all sessions are mandatory. In January, the confirmation class will become its own small group and have lessons specific for confirmation.

All youth are required to complete at least 16 service hours in a church sponsored ministry. Examples include but aren’t limited to the Family Food Distribution (third Friday and Saturday each month) and youth group service events (ex Christmas caroling in December). Talk with Ashley directly to for opportunities.

Participation in worship, class, youth group and service are requirements for confirmation. Please mark your calendars now for the Confirmation retreat April 26-28, 2019 and Confirmation Sunday, May 19, 2019. These events are mandatory components. If youth are unable to attend worship and youth group starting in September, youth may be asked to delay confirmation until the following school year. Youth are still able to join the church by profession of faith at any time. 

We ask that each family share in the cost of confirmation, although cost should never be a barrier to the journey of faith. This year the cost is $170. This fee includes the retreat fees and a Bible. Please let one of the pastors know if we can assist you in meeting this cost.

The deadline to sign-up for confirmation is September 30, please sign-up on the church website. Fees may be paid through the church website. We will have a confirmation parents meeting on September 9 at 11:45am in youth center.

If you need more information or want to discuss Confirmation for your student, please contact Ashley Sanders ( and she will be happy to talk or meet with you.

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