Safe Sanctuary

Every local church was required to develop and implement a Safe Sanctuaries plan. This plan must be reviewed an updated periodically. Bel Air United Methodist Church is committed to ensuring that all children and youth involved in BAUMC ministries may participate in an environment that is safe and secure. To that end, we are required to have a Safe Sanctuaries Plan and to have anyone who works with children and youth fill out the Sexual Misconduct Questionnaire.

BAUMC Safe Sanctuary Policy

BAUMC Safe Sanctuaries Addendum

Appendix A Part 1

Appendix A Part 2  

Forms to be completed for Safe Sanctuary

Appendix B – Employment Application

Appendix C – Volunteer Application

Appendix D – Consent to do Background check  – Every five years

Appendix E – Volunteer Reference Check Form

Appendix F – Employee – Volunteer Agreement to Policy Form

Appendix G – Age Appropriate Discipline Methods – Children and Youth

Appendix H & I – Parental Release and Medical Form

Appendix J – Covenant of Conduct

Sexual Misconduct Questionnaire – Every 12 months